On July 17, 2012, Downtown Richmond property owners approved by 75% (weighted by assessment) the Downtown Richmond Property and Business Improvement District (DRPBID), a self-imposed and self-governed property tax assessment to fund and expand established environmental and economic enhancements that augment base level City services. Richmond Main Street is grateful for the support of the property owners and the City Council in the approval of the formation of the DRPBID—the first improvement district in the City of Richmond—which ensures the continued revitalization of Downtown.

As we embark on implementing the new DRPBID, we are thrilled to have accomplished something some thought was virtually impossible to do—engage a group of property and business owners to support the revitalization efforts of Downtown. Not only are these stakeholders willing to get involved, they understand the importance of protecting their investments and are willing to financially support the effort. Business improvement districts are a proven revitalization tool for downtown districts throughout the country. Examples of how these districts have benefited neighboring communities include Oakland’s Temescal district, Downtown Berkeley, and the Laurel District in East Oakland.

The Downtown Richmond PBID will build on the momentum and investments already made in Downtown such as the new, beautiful streetscape on Macdonald Avenue and plaza on Nevin Avenue implemented by the former Redevelopment Agency and the newly renovated East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, which has brought a state of the art performing arts institution to Downtown. Ultimately, the DRPBID will create lasting results, making Downtown more economically viable, attractive, and safe.

District Boundaries
The DRPBID district encompasses the core of the Historic Downtown area along the Macdonald Avenue corridor bounded roughly by 6th Street, Barrett Avenue, Bissell Avenue, and 16th Street.



Budget, Rates & Duration
The total improvement and activity plan budget for 2013 is projected at $183,092.00. As determined by stakeholder input during the formation phase of the DRPBID, the initial budget will be allocated in the following manner:
Category % $
Cleaning, Maintenance & Safety 55 100,700.60
Marketing Promotions, & Business Attraction 22 43,942.08
Administration 15 27,463.80
Contingency 5 9,154.60
Collection Fees 1 1,830.92
Totals 100 183,092.00
Described in more detail in the District Management Plan, assessment rates are as follows:

$0.12 per parcel square foot per year for commercial parcels
$0.05 per parcel square foot per year for non-profit housing agencies
Residential parcels are exempt

Assessment rates may be subject to an increase of no more than three percent per year. The DRPBID has a five year life commencing on January 1, 2013.

For more information about the DRPBID, please download the District Management Plan (PDF).

Richmond Main Street and the DRPBID

As a community-based organization, Richmond Main Street has the distinct pleasure to work with a diverse group of stakeholders who support this work, including residents, business owners, city government officials, and community organizations. We are proud to work with a group of committed, hard-working staff, board members, and volunteers who have helped RMSI attain remarkable achievements, such as our former Neighborhood Ambassador Program, which was recognized locally and nationally for the remarkable positive difference it has made in keeping Downtown clean and safe.

Richmond Main Street continues to experience great success with our signature activities:

  • Promoting the arts and Downtown with Music on the Main and Art In Windows

  • Developing job skills through our annual Summer Youth Entrepreneur Program and Start & Grow Smart small business assistance classes

  • With the support of the Kaiser Permanente HEAL Initiative, increasing access to healthy foods and fitness opportunities with Healthy Village Farm Stand and free, weekly fitness classes.

  • Realizing a long-standing goal of establishing a full-scale, weekly certified Farmers’ Market in Downtown.

Through these events and many others, we continue to attract more people to Downtown than ever before and we only expect this trend to continue.
Richmond Main Street is growing by leaps and bounds. We have a bright future ahead and expect to continue to be the catalyst for positive change Downtown. We invite everyone to join our efforts building on this momentum as we implement the DRPBID that will provide a strong public/private partnership to revitalize Downtown.

For more information about the DRPBID, please download the District Management Plan (PDF).




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